What Makes Window Glass Better?

America’s Best Choice Siding and Windows in Springdale sells and installs all replacement windows with double strength glass. Not only are these windows more durable against impacting objects, but customers also report noise reduction in the home as one of the best benefits.

There is a lot more to a window than meets the eye, however. Low E Argon gas packages will improve the quality of comfort in the home. Low E, or low emissivity, glass reduces the amount of heat transfer through the glass in both directions; that is, heat preservation inside in a cold climate and heat dispersal to the outside in a warm climate. Adding Argon gas to the space between the double panes enhances the ability of the window to reduce damage to interior furnishings from the sun’s rays while preserving the desired room temperature.

All of these options are important in replacement window upgrades. There are still other ways in which windows are built better than some others. One key item is the spacer used to set the panes of glass at a certain distance. Spacers built into replacement windows perform the all-important function of preventing condensation and mold growth from occurring inside the window unit.

Customers can be sure that the replacement windows installed by America’s Best Choice Siding and Windows offer the best manufactured window options on the market today.

All-important window spacer

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