Choosing a Front Entry Door

Front entry doors are available in wood, steel and fiberglass materials. Today’s exterior doors frequently consist of a combination of materials. This type of door construction offers maximum insulating capability as well as excellent safety. High-end fiberglass and steel doors utilize a “thermal break” between the inside and outside skin of the door. This thermal resistance prevents heat and cold conductivity through the door. Without this extra thermal protection, frost can actually form on the inside of the door in cold climates.

​When choosing a replacement door, remember that most air leakage occurs around the door and not through the door material. Take some time to learn about the door frame construction. Weather stripping is important as well as the threshold. Make sure the bottom of the door will lock smoothly and properly against the threshold for the best prevention against air infiltration.

​Fiberglass and steel doors generally offer better insulating protection than wood doors. At America’s Best Choice in Springdale the most popular door customers ask for is fiberglass. Maintenance-free fiberglass doors can be painted or stained and are available in many different surface textures for a great home design.