Environmentally Responsible Window Manufacturers

America’s Best Choice Siding and Windows, serving NW Arkansas and the River Valley, recommends vinyl replacement windows from our selection of reputable manufacturers. What is the environmental responsibility of a window manufacturer? Reducing energy waste and passing that savings along to customers is only the beginning of vinyl window production. Compared to wood windows, there is a lot more savings in the use of vinyl.

  • Vinyl windows last longer than wood windows allowing for much more time between replacements.
  • Vinyl saves trees.
  • It does not rot.
  • It holds color much longer than wood.
  • There is no need to use paints or stains.
  • All-in-all, lower consumption equals less maintenance/less replacement in the life cycle of a window.

Superior in quality, the thermal properties of vinyl windows do not deteriorate over time. Windows are manufactured today to give energy savings for decades. More importantly, adding Low E Argon gas to vinyl windows produces top of the line thermal performance. Also, adding spacers to hold the glass panes at a precise distance from each other, prevents unwanted condensation which can grow mold and mildew inside the window.

One of the great environmental saving benefits of vinyl window manufacturing is the ability to recycle waste vinyl into other products. When vinyl comes into the manufacturer’s window plant, 99.9% is used in the production of vinyl windows. The excess vinyl can be used to make decking material, mulch and a host of other vinyl products. Instead of going into a landfill, vinyl manufacturers can repurpose waste vinyl into many other things we see in our homes today.

We greatly appreciate the efforts made by our window manufacturers to help reduce the strain on the environment. Energy Star rated vinyl windows containing Low E Argon gas are recommended by all our window manufacturers. Energy savings at home means not only money in your pocket, it means we all are helping the environment one step at a time.