Number One Exterior Cladding Choice

What is the number one exterior cladding choice of homeowners in the US and Canada? Vinyl siding, for a variety of reasons, is the number one choice over wood, metal, fiber cement and other exteriors. Durability, simplicity of installation and long-life of products keep vinyl in the number one selling position. Choice of exterior trim products as well as various styles of siding provide homeowners with all options for renewing the look of a home. From traditional to Victorian and all styles in between, vinyl siding products make it a smart option when homeowners need replacement siding.

Color choices abound also with vinyl siding products. The Vinyl Siding Institute certifies over 400 colors that can be manufactured in vinyl from almost black to bright white. Popular today, colors such as light and dark metallic blues as well as soft and misty greens are eye-catching colors that add to your home’s curb appeal. Match those beautiful colors with trim and accessories in light tans or antique whites gives an added spark of life to the home’s exterior.

Lastly yet more importantly, vinyl siding is the most cost-effective exterior product. Variety of styles offer low-cost to medium-cost solutions for every homeowner. Styles include straight lap, Dutch lap, beaded lap, shakes and board and batten siding. Furthermore, homeowners can choose from non-insulated or insulated siding products depending on their spending budget.

With all the wonderful choices vinyl products offer, it’s easy to see how vinyl is the number one choice for exterior products. Durability, cost, style and all the options available in vinyl make vinyl the best overall choice. Choose vinyl siding today from America’s Best Choice Siding and Windows.