Argon Gas in Windows

Periodic Formula of Argon in Blue Background

Earth’s atmosphere is comprised of 0.9% Argon. One of the inert or Noble gases, Argon is colorless, odorless and non-flammable. Denser than air, Argon added to a double pane window unit greatly improves the insulating capability. The addition of Argon with Low E coatings brings the temperature of the glass closer to room temperature. Homeowners considering…

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Low E Window Facts

Double pane IGU

In an insulated glass unit (IGU), the glass surface acts to absorb heat energy or shift that energy away in the form of moving air. Low E (low emissivity) coating applied to the glass surface helps to reduce the penetration of infrared and ultraviolet light. The protective layers, actually thinner than a human hair, act…

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