Argon Gas in Windows

Earth’s atmosphere is comprised of 0.9% Argon. One of the inert or Noble gases, Argon is colorless, odorless and non-flammable. Denser than air, Argon added to a double pane window unit greatly improves the insulating capability. The addition of Argon with Low E coatings brings the temperature of the glass closer to room temperature.

Homeowners considering replacement windows should look at all options. Argon gas-filled windows will cost more initially, yet homeowners can expect savings over time in lower utility bills. Improving unwanted air infiltration in the home overall, when considering Argon window replacement, will give the fullest benefit in energy savings.

Older windows were not manufactured with the technology available today. In today’s world, window glass units are sealed better, are built with more secure frames and have all the energy-saving options available such as Low E coatings and Argon. In areas of the home with no sun penetration, homeowners can save money by installing the basic double pane window unit with no extra options. Technology today has improved the basic double pane window unit to be more energy-efficient than older windows.

Low E Argon double pane replacement windows are highly efficient at reducing heat transfer through the glass in locations where sun enters the home. Penetrating ultraviolet rays which fade furnishings are also greatly reduced. Homeowners wanting to improve energy costs and live in a more comfortable environment year-round will benefit by installing replacement windows with Low E Argon gas or Low E3 Argon gas. Ask America’s Best Choice Siding and Windows in Springdale about our ENERGY STAR® Low E Argon products.