Advantages of Replacement Windows

Home improvement products cover a wide range of materials available to homeowners. When it comes time to replace older, less-efficient windows, look for more energy-efficient products such as those carrying the ENERGY STAR label.

Replacement windows can add a great deal of value to your home, including a greater comfort level and energy savings. Investing in ENERGY STAR certified products is one way to begin saving. According to the ENERGY STAR program, replacement windows with certified ENERGY STAR features can save customers 7% to 15% on annual energy bills, depending on your geographic location in the US.

Four key features make an ENERGY STAR window:

1. Gas-filled double or triple pane glass. Argon gas is a general choice used by window manufacturers. Gas adds a great amount of insulation capability to the window glass.

2. Insulating window frame materials such as multi-chambered vinyl.

3. Spacers to keep the glass panes at certain distances which reduces heat flow and helps prevent condensation.

4. Low E (low emissivity) coatings applied to the glass which reflect heat and ultraviolet rays, further insulating against heat and cold as well as preventing sun damage to household furnishings.

Check with your local energy provider to see if benefits are available for installing ENERGY STAR products. The ENERGY STAR program also offers tax credits. Visit to learn more about the advantages of installing replacement windows and doors.

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