How We Build Our Windows

There are three basic manufacturing methods companies utilize in vinyl window fabrication. Vinyl window frame sides are cut at 45-degree angles and fastened in one of three ways.

The least costly window frame joints are glued then screwed together. This technique unfortunately allows for a lot of bending and additional stress on the frame. As a house settles, windows will shift allowing for joint separation and sometimes cracking of the glass.

​The next step up is a chemically welded window. Acetone is applied to the joint and spot welded causing a chemical reaction that holds the joint together, almost like superglue. This method is only a surface weld which does not fully secure the whole frame. Eventually, as in nature, the chemical weld will start to break down and the joints will begin to separate. Windows made with chemical welds are easy to spot because excess material used in fusion welding will not be present in chemically welded joints.​

The third type of vinyl window fabrication is fusion welding which involves fully heating the joints. This technique can be done in one of two ways. Single-point welds are fused one joint at a time. Multi-point welds utilize a computer driven machine welding process in which all joints are fused completely together at the same time. The multi-point method creates the most solid vinyl window frame as the whole joint is joined, unlike chemical spot welds. Complete square of the frame is achieved with the multi-point method providing the most accurate and sturdy vinyl frame.​

All windows that we provide are made using the multi-point fusion welding process. America’s Best Choice Siding and Windows will install top of the line windows with double-strength glass for an affordable price. Our mission is to give the customer the best window at the best value with a lifetime guarantee.

Multi-point fusion welding machine joins the entire window frame at one time.

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