Extra Benefits of Energy-Efficient Replacement Windows

When it’s time to consider replacing your older, less-efficient windows, take a little time to research the energy-saving benefits of better-quality replacement windows. Energy savings over time will help reduce energy costs and, in essence, help with the overall cost of your new replacement windows.

It’s important to improve the overall comfort in your home if you are sitting in cold drafts in the winter and if, in the summer, you can’t keep your rooms cool enough to enjoy. New vinyl replacement window units are manufactured better today to fully seal window openings, preventing unwanted air penetration. Special improvements in between the double panes of glass also greatly improve the overall efficiency of the window and will help prevent future glass fogging issues.

America’s Best Choice Siding and Windows recommends ENERGY STAR replacement windows. The benefits that ENERGY STAR rated windows provide is not limited to just improving the comfort in your home. Check with your local power company to learn if they offer rebates to their customers who install ENERGY STAR products.

The ENERGY STAR program has specific requirements for windows to qualify as an ENERGY STAR product:

  1. Double or triple panes of glass with inert gases such as argon between the glass panes.
  2. Low E (low emissivity) glass coatings which prevent heat transfer through the glass.
  3. Spacers that keep a window’s glass panes the correct distance apart to reduce condensation and mold.
  4. Window frame materials designed to improve the window’s insulating capability.

Extra benefits also include tax credits. Learn about tax credits you may be able take advantage of when installing ENERGY STAR rated windows in your home. Information on all ENERGY STAR products is available at energystar.gov.

Customers have saved costs on utility bills over time, substantially increased the comfort in their homes and have enjoyed better quality, long-lasting vinyl windows installed by America’s Best Choice.