Condensation In Windows and Doors

Replacement windows and doors add new levels of comfort in your home. Whether it’s winter cold or summer heat, upgrading to new windows and doors will not only make a difference in utility costs over time but will greatly enhance the warmth of winter and the cool of summer inside your home. Condensation issues can arise, however, if inside humidity levels become too high.

Humidity and Condensation

Occurring naturally, humidity is defined as moisture suspended in the air. Condensation occurs around or on an object such as a window or door. Temperature is a key factor. Warm moist air in contact with a cold surface causes condensation to form.

Cold air does not hold as much moisture as warm air. Warm moist air in contact with cold surfaces causes the air to release its moisture, which in turn, causes fogging. In cold climates this fogging can freeze allowing frost to form when water droplets freeze on contact. The longer the droplets remain on a surface, larger droplets may form and water may run down surfaces causing moisture damage to surfaces like wood, wallboard, plaster and wallpaper.

Vinyl, on the other hand, is not affected by condensation runoff. No mold or rot will form on vinyl. Moisture can simply be wiped off. America’s Best Choice Siding and Windows in Springdale recommends vinyl replacement windows. Vinyl windows today have better spacer systems securing the double panes which prevent any moisture problems from getting started. With the addition of Low E glass with Argon, manufacturers can offer a lifetime fogging warranty. The Low E Argon replacement window is a wonderful option for any home.

Fiberglass is also known for good protection against moisture. America’s Best Choice in Springdale recommends fiberglass entry doors as a great solution to condensation issues. Fiberglass is an inert product that is not subject to mold. When used as a door material, moisture buildup can simply be wiped off just as with vinyl. Fiberglass doors can be purchased finished or ready to stain or paint. Beautiful wood look finishes are available. Glass in entry doors is also available with Low E Argon for protection against moisture buildup.