US Department of Energy Guide

The project of lowering energy costs can be a daunting task to undertake. Homeowners need to consider cost, of course, in any home improvement job. Replacement windows are a great way to begin, but homeowners need to first consider spending some of the costs involved on sealing unwanted air infiltration in the house as a whole.

The US Department of Energy (DOE) can help. The agency has produced informative guides which can be found online. Read how to seal your home against air infiltration and also how to properly insulate your home. There is also valuable information about window replacement at “[Guide to Energy-Efficient Windows]” on the DOE website.

When you are ready to replace your windows, consider if you need a fully loaded energy-efficient window or if you can save money in certain areas of your home with a different level of energy-efficiency. Learn about Low E, Low E Argon gas and Low E3 Argon gas replacement windows. Ask about U-values and SHGC numbers for each type of window. If a sticker with these values is not on the window, ask your retailer or manufacturer to provide the U-value and SHGC numbers before you decide to purchase.

Windows with Low E coatings reflect back part of the summer sun.

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