Energy Efficient Windows

At America’s Best Choice in Springdale, we recommend energy efficient windows and doors for all our customers. Upgrade to the best ENERGY STAR rated products to get the most out of your energy savings.

Energy Savings

We install all kinds of energy efficient windows and entry doors; however, we advise our customers how to get the most out of our products. Energy savings begins with the most energy efficient, well-manufactured replacement windows and doors that our manufacturers can produce. From window frames to double-strength glass, we can provide windows and doors that will help you reduce drafts and keep your rooms comfortable.

What Makes a Better Window?

Energy efficient window parts diagram

For the best energy efficient windows, Super Spacers are recommended which hold the two glass panes at a certain distance from one another. The spacing is crucial to prevent moisture and mold intrusion into the inside of the window. The precise measurement allows for the proper heat transfer between the glass panes. Heat transfer is important in controlling room temperature, both in cold and hot weather.

Secondly, special coatings on the glass, known as Low E coatings, help to block some of the sun’s rays while reflecting damaging rays and extra heat. The two coatings work together to prevent heat buildup in your home in warm weather and also allow for some heat to penetrate when needed in cold weather.

The third factor important in energy efficient windows is an inert gas, such as Argon, inserted in between the glass panes. Argon is odorless and colorless. The added gas acts to help reduce heat transfer and also has the added benefit of noise reduction. Low E Argon windows greatly help with energy savings. Customers also frequently report that they don’t hear that noisy traffic outside anymore.

Last, but not least, the window frame material is vital to improving the quality of your home’s atmosphere. Vinyl windows today are made with multiple chambers inside the frame. This is crucial to preventing drafts from occurring through the frame itself. Also important is the vinyl fabrication process that secures the frame into one contiguous piece. Some lower cost windows are spot welded or chemical welded. These types of windows may be inexpensive to purchase, but they will not last long as the welds break down. America’s Best Choice only installs energy efficient windows that are fully fusion welded into one seamless window frame.

SWEPCO Rebates

SWEPCO is our energy provider in Springdale. They offer rebates under the government’s ENERGY STAR program. Customers who have installed ENERGY STAR products can contact SWEPCO to apply for valuable rebates on all ENERGY STAR products. Check with your power company to learn if you can apply for rebates. The federal government also offers tax credits under the ENERGY STAR program.

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