Vinyl Siding Options

Vinyl siding options today offer a vast array of choices for the homeowner. Architecturally, choices include different sizes of Dutch Lap, Board and Batten, Clapboard and Shake. Also available, wood grain look vinyl is popular with some, however, others may want a smooth look to the vinyl. Vinyl siding options also refer to colors which range from very dark to white. The Vinyl Siding Institute certifies that 400 vinyl colors are available. Many architectural styles can be achieved with the various textures, colors, shapes and profiles of vinyl siding and trim.


Clapboard vinyl siding is a style taken from original wood siding of decades ago. Known also as straight lap, clapboard siding is a most traditional architectural look still very popular today. Homeowners enjoy the straightforward simple, shadowless lines of clapboard which are well-suited with the style of smaller as well as larger homes. Choose from smooth texture or wood grain-look texture, available as well in replacement vinyl clapboard siding. Enjoy the traditional look on any style of home by installing vinyl clapboard siding.


Made with an outer layer of ultraviolet protection and an inner weather shield layer, vinyl products are made today to last more than 25 years. The outer layer protects against color fading. Most importantly, the inner layer protects against moisture penetration from weather. The low maintenance of vinyl products offers homeowners great value over the lifetime of a home.

When choosing vinyl siding, consider different thicknesses of the types of siding panels. Check the number of mils each vinyl type offers. This will help fit any budget as you decide which siding to purchase. Very popular, siding options include insulated vinyl siding. Insulated vinyl siding is especially good at standing up to high-speed impacts of storm debris and objects such as golf balls.

Easy to Maintain

With ease of maintenance, important to us all, you will find that homes installed with vinyl do not need to be painted, stained or caulked. A mild cleaning with a soft spray and soap is all that’s needed to keep your home in tip top shape. Most importantly, vinyl products are energy-efficient and recyclable.

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