Signs of Structural Issues

When doors or windows show signs of shifting or start sticking, it may be an indication of a deeper problem caused by a shifting foundation. After heavy rains hydrostatic pressure can build up around and against your foundation. As pressure builds the structure of the foundation material expands and contracts causing stress on your home’s floors and walls. Moisture may enter the home from cracks in the foundation as settling occurs significantly affecting doors and windows.

Insect invasion can also affect doors and windows as damage occurs in your home’s structural supports. As burrowing insects such as carpenter ants and termites degrade the structural supports, drywall can actually pull away from the supports causing shifting in the support for windows and doors.

Structural problems may lead to window seal failure causing the glass to fog. Heating and cooling loss will also occur with seal failure. Check windows and doors for new drafts. If window glass starts cracking, it may be a sign that warping of the window frame is occurring. It’s interesting to note that older windows and doors generally may not have the structural integrity of today’s products. In this case, windows and doors may show signs of more damage even if foundation problems are not yet obvious.

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