Winter is a Great Time for Replacing Old Siding – Today’s Vinyl

Is it time to think about choosing an appealing style and color of replacement siding for your home? Late fall, winter and into the spring are wonderful times to consider changing out the old, drab or damaged siding that you may have lived with for many years.

Replacing damaged siding is very important to the overall protection of your home. Vapor barriers may have been penetrated by moisture. Check to make sure the supporting structure is not damp or rotten. This can easily be taken care of during a replacement siding installation. People are often surprised during a siding replacement job when removing old siding reveals rotten lumber underneath allowing for structural problems.

Siding may also have faded in color because it was manufactured long ago before the new revolutionary products available today. The newer vinyl products have much better protection against the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays. The level of impact resistance that the homeowner desires is available as well in today’s new vinyl.

The new vinyl contains a better moisture barrier as a separate layer built in underneath the outer color-fading protective layer. In a seamless design, the moisture barrier in today’s vinyl protects much better against penetration from wind-driven rains and weather that produces high humidity content on a regular basis.

Choices in new vinyl also include an insulated foam backing which is a great way to solve the problems of impact from storm damage, such as hail, and rocks thrown from lawn mowers, a very common problem. For those who live on golf courses, insulated vinyl is impact-resistant against golf ball damage.

Homeowners love the vast choices of today’s vinyl which provide smooth textures and wood-look varieties. A whole host of architectural features are available in vinyl products today including all the trimmings for a Victorian mansion. Color choices abound as well with as many as 400 colors certified by the Vinyl Siding Institute.

When considering changes you want to make to update the value and comfort of your home, think about the many selections that today’s vinyl products offer. Truly low-maintenance, easy to clean vinyl is one option you may want to consider this winter. protect the value of your home investment, but also adding considerable beauty to your precious home.