ENERGY STAR® Program Savings

The US Department of Energy has partnered with the US Environmental Protection Agency to educate homeowners in the overall value of energy savings. The ENERGY STAR® program was formed to help reduce CO2 emissions by encouraging homeowners to install energy-efficient products. Homeowners spend less for heating and cooling costs and help the environment at the same time.

​Windows with Low E offer a basic coating of protection which is applied directly to the glass. In order to qualify as an ENERGY STAR® product, windows must have more protection against heat and cooling loss. Windows with Low E Argon gas offer an upgraded level of protection. Windows with Low E3 Argon gas offer the highest level of energy protection.

At America’s Best Choice Siding and Windows, we are excited to offer the most technically advanced energy-efficient products to help reduce the nation’s burden on fossil fuels. All windows are manufactured with double-strength glass for extra long-term protection. Ask us about our ENERGY STAR® products. Check with your local power company to see if extra benefits are available after installing ENERGY STAR® products in your home.

Visit ENERGYSTAR.GOV to learn more about energy-efficient products.

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